Synthetic wine stoppers

General characteristics:
IDEA CAP® is a synthetic cap composed of non-toxic materials, suitable for contact with hydroalcoholic and acidic solutions, according to DM 21/03/73 and subsequent updates, and according to European Directives 82/711/EEC, 85/572/EEC, 93/8/EEC, 97/48/EC, 2002/16/EC, and 2002/72/EC, of excellent elasticity, tightness, and consistent performance over time. It is fully recyclable and contains no gases harmful to the atmosphere.

IDEA CAP® preserves the flavor of the wine because it does not allow the formation of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole responsible for the typical corky taste, 2,3,4,6-tetrachloroanisole responsible for the musty taste, and other substances that in even very small amounts (billionths of a gram per liter) are responsible for a whole range of bad flavors such as solvent, metallic, earthy, smoky, mushroomy, etc. These substances may have different origins or sources but they all have in common the property of spoiling the wine contained in the bottle.
IDEA CAP® does not exhibit drying or degradation over time, does not crumble during extraction, is easily reinserted, and maintains a high barrier to oxygen from the surrounding environment preserving any sulfur dioxide (SO2) added.

IDEA CAP® is pleasant to the touch, free of edges, with a smooth, thin and homogeneous skin to facilitate insertion and removal from the bottle, and can take on an unlimited number of customizations with colors and prints suitable for any combination with bottles, labels or capsules.
IDEA CAP® is a safe, efficient, reliable, aesthetically appealing closure system that respects the tradition of uncorking and the environment and is excellent value for money. Once you try it, you won’t change IDEA!!!

Idea Cap® BASIC
is a synthetic cap characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio without sacrificing elastomeric materials of absolute organoleptic inertness and prolonged elastic return over time. Pleasantness in the extraction of the cork from the bottle and of the cork from the corkscrew in any condition of use complete the profile of this product indicated for a stay in the bottle up to 24 months. Available in size 22.5×38 mm.