Synthetic stoppers for distilled spirits

The one-piece cap for distilled spirits Idea Cap® is produced with a special elastomeric compound that combines high dimensional constancy (excellent machinability) with almost total chemical inertness even at high alcohol contents (50 percent vol.).

Available with stems from 10 to 26 mm and heads of various sizes, they can adequately close almost all bottles on the market. Customizable at the head for an immediate link to the producer and thus to the quality of the contents, they excellently complete the bottle’s “dress.”

Of definite aesthetic impact is the Idea Cap® T-Alu cap, which combines the exceptional qualities of the one-piece with the aesthetic value of metal. Assembled without the aid of adhesives, it is available in a variety of colors and can be customized by punching, pad printing or lithography.

Idea Cap® also supplies caps assembled with wooden or plastic heads.