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IDEA CAP® was born from technicians with several years of experience in processing of plastics materials with the collaboration of people linked to the wine world. The production context is inserted into an organization that provides constantly updated procedures for stringent quality control of product, materials and the continuous improvement of the production process. Idea Cap® is a young company but with already 10 years of life.

The production unit of Idea Cap based in Rovereto (TN) is situated in a highly dynamic and productive area where industrial research and the collaboration of several research institutes (University of Trento, Kessler Foundation, Agricultural Institute of San Michele, etc.). gives a considerable support for innovation.
Logistically it is located in a strategic crossroads equally accessible by companies in Northern Italy as well as those of neighboring countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
The staff is highly qualified and all production processes are very automated to make the product features reproducible over time. The raw materials used are supplied by industry leaders and are always controlled and certified. The company is constantly updated with regard to technology, safety and environmental protection. Innovation, automation, versatility, quality and continuous improvement are constant targets of the policy of Cap Idea to meet the challenges of the global market.
The reselling products are all manufactured or finished in Italy.